Author: Shashank

“There is nothing, absolutely nothing, quite so worthwhile as simply messing about on bicycles.” ~ Tom Kunich

Before we head out on another adventure, I went down the memory lane. Reminiscing about the previous adventure the Tour Of Karnataka-2(a.k.a TOK-2).It was a team of 25 people. The tour had myriad terrains for the riders to enjoy, from treacherous climbs to peaceful flats. A treat of nature’s beauty and bounty.


The adventure started on flat roads with lovely farms on both sides that looked like green blankets spread to keep mother earth warm. Then there were charming little stalls of tender coconut and fresh fruits, all around in this beautiful and scenic farmland ride. The colour brush of nature painted whole region in different shades of green.

The ride continued into dense, mysterious, magical – rain forests ,the mother earth’s oldest living ecosystems,with a diverse mix of animals and plants – amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, flowering plants and butterflies. The green paradise nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats. Enchanting and hypnotizing hills, the misty environs, a land filled with lot of history and rich culture.

Finally ending the adventure at a place where green and blue merge as one, in the coastal lands. The lovely cool air from the ocean and a sandy beach full of people enjoying the sight of the beautiful setting sun gave the tour a fairy-tale ending. This was what TOK 2 offered to its riders.

During the four days many new experiences were savoured and the weather never let us down. I treasure the memories of days that had us cycling slower than walking pace face-first in to the wind .There were highs; climbing hills, swimming in the beauty of nature and being invited in by strangers on tiring days. Of course there are always low points – that’s why it is called an adventure – but I’ve never been one to focus on them. If anything, I think it is important to turn a low into a funny memory, learn from it or push it aside and make way for the positives.

As it turns out, I was cut out for just such a trip. What I did have, was sheer determination, enthusiasm and an open mind. My love for cycling has grown hugely, and I learnt many things including; the generosity of strangers and my capabilities.

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